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Ashley Mary Nunes, Dani Sciacca, Jeffrey Damnit
Dave Reda
5 Mins.

 "As Good As Dead" Set for Dances With Films World Premiere 

Writer/director Dave Reda, affectionately known as Zombie Dave, is back again with another indie short that's all set for its world premiere in late August at Dances With Films, one of the country's most acclaimed microcinema fests. The film, As Good As Dead, continues Reda's ability to combine a little horror, a little heart, quite a bit of humor, and even some retro-styled musical flashbacks. 

The 5-minute short film is quick and breezy. Ash (Ashley Mary Nunes) and Lil D (Dani Sciacca) find themselves trapped by zombies. Can some good old fashioned creativity, and maybe a little music, get them out of this mess they're in?

You'll have to catch up to As Good As Dead yourself to find out the answer. Rest assured that there's fun to be had here as Reda, once again, proves to be the master of horror-comedy and even squeezes in a little bit of "Aw Shucks!" sweetness. Nunes and Sciacca are an awesome joy here and Jeffrey Damnit, best name ever, dazzles once again fresh off an appearance in that smashing Lil Nas X & Jack Harlow music video for Industry Baby. 

I've had the joy of being social media acquaintances with Reda for several years now and it's been a blast to watch him continue to grow as a filmmaker. Reda takes simple, familiar concepts and makes them feel fresh and the same is true here with As Good As Dead. Reda is no stranger to Dances With Films since he picked up the fest's Best Music Video prize in 2010 for Horror of Our Love: A Short Film. 

I'd be amazed if he doesn't take home another prize this year. 

From writing, directing, and producing indie horror to bit parts in such films as So I Married an Axe Murderer and Angels in the Outfield, Reda has had quite the varied career and once even served as the body double to Luke Perry in Indiscreet. 

If I were Luke Perry's body double? I'd instantly turn to indie horror. 

Seriously, though. As Good As Dead is a five-minute cinematic blast of a film with horror, humor, and heart all rolled into one badass little zombie short. The film's premiere is set for its premiere at August 27th at 11:50pm at the TCL Mann's Chinese Theater in Hollywood. For more information on Dances With Film, check out the fest's website. 

Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic