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Azel James, Michelle Renee Allaire, Armond Kinard, Jade Tailor, Byron Vasquez Jr.
Ben Gelera
Byron Vasquez Jr., Armond Kinard
27 Mins.

 "And Let God Do The Rest" a Thought-Provoking and Challenging Short Film 
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As you start watching And Let God Do The Rest, you might find yourself wondering if perhaps you've stumbled into a PG-13 rated variation of a Saw film. The film, directed by Ben Gelera and co-written by Byron Vasquez Jr. and Armond Kinard, centers around a young, successful lawyer (Azel James)  who lives a seemingly upstanding life who finds himself kidnapped by a mysterious man with an obvious agenda. Before long, it becomes obvious that even one bad choice in an otherwise good life can have repercussions that ripple on and on for years.

And Let God Do The Rest is a thought-provoking and involving short film that challenges the viewer to avoid assumptions and to simply surrender to its story and its equally involving characters. As the main character, Azel James exudes both the confidence and warmth needed to create a compelling character whose goodness is never really questioned until it's questioned.

While there are moments in the film where it's modest production budget is evident, these moments are far from distracting and, at times, they actually add a grittiness to the production that really enhances the film's mood and atmosphere. Cory Perschbacher's original music adds a layer of mystery to the film, while D.P. Michael Woxland's camera work adds an edge to the film that leaves you constantly wondering just where director Ben Gelera is taking this intelligent and impactful script from Vasquez and Kinard.

The ensemble cast doesn't miss a beat, though pretty clearly And Let God Do The Rest is mostly a showcase for Azel James.