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Cat Van Dort, Will Finlason
Andi Osho
14 Mins.

 "Amber" a Dark, Thought-Provoking Short Film 

A disturbing and thought-provoking 14-minute short film, Andi Osho's Amber tackles a familiar topic in a powerful way and its effectiveness can be seen by its multiple successes on the indie fest circuit including official selections at Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival, Plymouth Film Festival, Aesthetica Film Festival and a host of others. 

I'd look for that success to continue. 

Amber centers around Amber Gorman (Cat Van Dort), a teenage superfan of the band One Summer and, in particular, band member Charlie (Will Finlason). When Charlie announces he's leaving the band, Amber goes from superfan to obsessed teenager by terrorizing Charlie in an increasingly menacing manner that becomes even more dark and disturbing once their common ground is revealed. 

You may find yourself debating the truth about Amber, though one of the things that ultimately makes the film effective is that it works regardless how you actually view the central character - as a dark and disturbed teenager crossing multiple lines or, perhaps, as something more that is more glimpsed in Osho's subtle yet pointed dialogue. As a matter of note, I count myself in the latter category in believing that there's a lot more that bubbles underneath the surface of Osho's thought-provoking and harrowing screenplay. 

Both Van Dort and Finlason are incredibly effective here, Van Dort infusing Amber with both a youthful innocence and the type of edginess that leaves you constantly wondering where everything is going to end up. On the flip side, Finlason's Charlie is initially so casually straightforward that you're lulled into a sense of comfort before everything unfolds and truths are revealed. It's a credit to both actors that they keep us hanging on yet invested even given the film's modest 14-minute running time. 

For more information on Amber, visit the film's official Facebook page linked to in the credits and watch for it at a film fest near you. 

© Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic