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William von Tagen, Cassandra Lewis, Lee Majors, Terry Kiser, Jessica Sulikowski
William von Tagen
92 Mins.
Gravitas Ventures


 "Almosting It" Screens at 2016 Indy Film Fest 
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It's not particularly surprising that writer/director/star William von Tagen's Almosting It is one of the few features at the 2016 Indy Film Fest to have already snagged a distribution deal, in this case with indie distributor Gravitas Ventures. The film, while not the strongest entry amongst this year's American Spectrum films, is certainly one of the more market friendly entries.

The film tells the story of Ralph (von Tagen), a retirement home attendant alongside his best friend, Maggie (Cassandra Lewis), a tight but very platonic relationship, whose relationship maturity hasn't progressed much of over the years. Ralph is reminded of this fact when he attends a wedding and runs into Lorane (Annie Bulow), an ex-lover who proceeds to taunt him for his relationship failures. Ralph spends a lot of time reflecting on his failures, going so far as attempting to write a sci-fi novel that jibes with his own love life.

Needless to say, it's horrid and his classmates are unmerciful. Advised by his writing instructor, in essence, to get a life, Ralph instead settles in with his writer's block until encouraged by his retirement home friends, including the playboy Chet (Lee Majors) and Mort (Terry Kiser), to take some chances. Whenhe does, he meets a beautiful caterer, Quinn (Jessica Sulikowski).

Ain't nothing like a beautiful woman to solve writer's block.

Can I get an amen?

Almosting It is a flawed yet fun film that receives a tremendous boost from former Six Million Dollar Man Lee Majors and that Weekend at Bernie's dude, Terry Kiser. Despite an over 60 year career in Hollywood, Kiser likely is and always be most known for the Weekend at Bernie's films despite being a Tony nominated and Obie Award winning actor. Both Majors and Kiser are strong here, easily catching the vibe that von Hagen is going for here and having a field day with it.

Unfortunately, the film suffers without Kiser and Majors and von Tagen's story has a "been there, seen that" quality about it that feels overly familiar and lacking in that certain spark it needs to hold our interest. While von Tagen and Sulikowski are fine together, it's never a great sign when the relationships with the residents are more interesting than the potentially romantic ones.

Almosting It isn't a bad film - just a familiar one that never really distinguishes itself enough to stand out. A decent film that could have and probably should have been much better, Almosting It doesn't quite get there. Almost.

Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic