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Stefani Autuori
Andrea Ricca

 "Aliens Night" is the Latest Sci-Fi Short from Andrea Ricca 

Aliens Night is the latest 3D sci-fi short film from Italian writer/director Andrea Ricca, another incredibly well done film that tells the story of a young girl (Stefani Autuori) and her close encounter with some aliens who have just arrived on earth.

Despite the challenges of a 3D film, Ricca has once again worked almost fully alone with only the help of a PC and an HD Camera. Ricca wrote, directed, edited, did the 3D modellation and animation, compositing, and post-production for the film on almost no budget at all.

Seriously. Watch the film for yourself above. You'll be amazed at how much can be done, and done incredibly well, on almost no budget at all. The film has earned gobs of praise from the likes of Hammer Films, Fright Fest, and others.

Aliens Night is a rather simple film that comes in at less than eight minutes in running time, but once again Ricca has made the most of the time and created a film that is involving, beautiful to watch, and intelligent. The film's special fx are top notch, the character choreography entertains and intrigues, and the film's editing is amazingly seamless and effective.

© Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic