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The Independent Critic

David Morgan
Running Time
10 Mins.
Joe Burke, Evan Hall, Josh Staman, Jillian Rose Kelm


 "Adam's Jacket" Review 
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Similar in tone to "One Night With You," a Jarmusch-styled indie I screened at the Lake County Film Festival earlier this year, "Adam's Jacket" is a darkly comical short from writer/director David Morgan about three guys, one girl and a jacket.
Filmed in black and white, "Adam's Jacket" starts off light, ends up dark and then throws in a bit of a twist to wrap things up. A co-production of Elantra Films and ADMJ Films, "Adam's Jacket" centers on three guys who retrieve Adam's jacket only to accidentally run over a young woman while trying to get away quickly from the less than desirable scene.
Do they leave her in the middle of the road? Do they get her to a hospital? Is she even alive? 
Featuring rap from duo Cuete and Duce, "Adam's Jacket" benefits from Morgan's obvious sense of style and the solid performances from the four leads, though I must confess that it appeared to me in the scene in which the guys attempt to pick up the injured woman she seems to reach out her arms before they do...either an error in her timing or an issue in editing.
While it's easy to admire Morgan's vision for "Adam's Jacket," its manifestation occasionally falls short. Morgan utilizes a more natural lighting design that occasionally makes faces hard to distinguish and, even more challenging, on the two occasions that the main characters leave the car we are left with "talking bodies" rather than the usual dilemma of "talking heads."
While "Adam's Jacket" is unlikely to appeal to a wide audience, fans of Jim Jarmusch and those who can appreciate cinematic experiences with a darker sensibility are likely to embrace it. While it doesn't quite live up to its potential, "Adam's Jacket" is a unique and promising short film from David Morgan.