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The Independent Critic

Jonas Rudstrom
Daniel Karlsson, Boije Stromberg
Running Time
6 Mins.


 "Apple" (2007) Review 

In a mere 6 minutes, "Apple" writer/director Jonas Rudstrom manages to beautifully evoke the spirit of childhood with this sweet and simple story of a young boy who eyes the perfect apple across his neighbor's hedge. The problem? The neighbor is a mean ole' man with a vicious dog.

With increasing determination, the young boy creatively plots ways to acquire the apple without encountering man nor beast, however, we all know these sorts of plots simply never go as planned.

Beautifully acted by Daniel Karlsson and Boije Stromberg, "Apple" is a family friendly short guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and a ring of familiarity in your heart. Both actors communicate far more with their faces than with their language, and "Apple" becomes a gentle reminder that sometimes the most amazing human connections are formed when we step outside our comfort zone.

The closing shot between man and boy is one of pure joy...a perfect closing for a sweet and touching film.