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Dustin Ferguson, Kelsie Mathews
Cora Anne
60 Mins.
Amazon Prime

 "Anxious America" Available on Amazon Prime 

Recently released on Amazon Prime, Anxious America is a 60-minute feature doc that explores the world of Anxiety Disorder through the lives of four people who themselves live with various forms of the illness. 

Anxious America is at its most effective when it focuses squarely on its subjects, their obvious authenticity making for strong examples of anxiety disorder and their honesty making for honest, intelligent examples of the impact of anxiety on daily life. The film is less effective with its sporadic transitional sequences, mostly comprised of stereotypical headshaking scenes and cartoonish histrionics that feel less authentic and border on histrionic caricatures. 

There's valuable information provided throughout Anxious America, though it's through narration as the attributed director, Cora Anne, chooses to focus squarely on the people themselves rather than the usual talking head experts. It's an approach that makes for a lower-key, more grounded documentary that would play well on late night cable or, in this case, as a late night view on Amazon Prime where the film is currently available. 

Maximilian Kabong's original music for the film is generally effective, while J. Horton's editing work is fluid and effective. 

Those who experience anxiety disorder or those with a loved one who does will likely find Anxious America to be an informed, effective doc while one can hope that someone who is silently experiencing the illness may stumble upon the doc and realize there are opportunities for help and support. 

For more information on Anxious America, visit the film's official IMDB page linked to in the credits or check it out for yourself on Amazon Prime. 

Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic