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Honestly. Who cares?
NR (Likely equiv. to NC-17)
90 Mins.
Breaking Glass Pictures
Story of Ovidie
French w/English Subtitles
 "Infidelity" Best Left to Those Seeking Mindless Softcore 
If I were to interview Ovidie, a French "sex-pert" and filmmaker, I would likely begin with one basic question - "Why?"

I am not a prude. I appreciate hotties as much as the next guy. Sex scenes don't bother me in the least. Yet, here we have once again an attempt to create a groundbreaking cinematic effort that boldly ventures into challenging sexuality topics only to end up playing out like nothing more than cheesy, unsatisfying and pointless sexual exploitation with no purpose beyond serving as whack-off material for those poor schmucks too bashful to actually cross the line over into hardcore porn. Despite the presence of both male and female full-frontal nudity and ejaculation shots, Infidelity is unquestionably still of the softcore variety of film.

The film deals with, at the most elementary level, three couples dealing with the issue of, you guessed it, infidelity. While I was willing to give Ovidie's last film, Sex Stories, a touch of credit for its boldness, Infidelity feels stale, pointless and not particularly interesting despite the return of Nomi, who would likely be interesting reading soup labels.

As was true of her last film, Infidelity has been picked up by Breaking Glass Pictures for a home video release. This may also serve as a reminder that despite my extreme fondness for Breaking Glass Pictures, I definitely don't recommend everything they release (Though sometimes it feels that way!).

The three copies involved here aren't particularly compelling, with the possible exception of story #1 that involves Alban, who is having the crisis of a 50-year-old and finds himself involved with an increasingly difficult to manage 25-year-old. This segment feels the most grounded, though there are times the sex is actually more distracting than enhancing of the film.

The film will be released on October 30th, 2012 and for those who do find themselves to be fans of Ovidie's work this may very well suffice. For those just seeking out decent whack-off material, an old Playboy video would likely do the trick on a far more satisfying level.

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